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You might see these:
Black-necked Grebe - More frequent in recent years; normally one or two can be found, best chance is amongst the masses of Coots in Stratford Bay.  
Little Egret - Usually a few birds, most likely in one of the more sheltered bays or Heron's Green Pool.  
Garganey - Check the Teal.  
Ferruginous Duck - Check the duck flocks for the female bird which arrived last month.  
Lesser Scaup - Look for the returning male with the aytyhya flocks
Marsh Harrier - One or two usually pass through, although they rarely linger and are difficult to catch up with.  
Osprey - See previous species (although we may get lucky and have one stay a few days).  
Hobby - Usually a bird or two lingers as they pass through; look over the main reedbed from Stratford or Herriott's Bridge for the best chance.  
Little Gull - This species should appear - look in the centre of the lake off Nunnery Point for birds in flight.  
Arctic Tern - Often turns up after strong SW winds at this time of year.  
Black Tern - Usually small groups (single figures) but occasionally a big flock appears. Look towards the centre of the lake - one of the classic birding sights of autumn at Chew. Check them all, as we're overdue another White-winged Black!  
Whinchat - Check Moreton Bank and Heron's Green Pool for this species. Sometimes small numbers occur together.

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