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You might see these:
Canada Goose - A big moulting flock should be on the lake. Check them for the occasional exotic!
Gadwall - There should be a build-up of moulting birds as the month goes by - there could be over a hundred on Herriott's Pool by the end of the month
Common Scoter - Sometimes a few appear for a day as they move through
Hobby - Keep an eye out as they could be around any time
Coot - Numbers should build up to well over a thousand as birds arrive to moult
Green Sandpiper - The first returning ones should trickle through at anytime
Yellow-legged Gull - One or two birds should appear; look for them perched on bouys in the middle of the lake first thing in the mornings
Common Tern - Usually a few birds pass through

Red-eared Terrapin - An introduced species. In hot weather they like to sun themselves at the waters edge - check any exposed logs or branches looking north from Herriott's Bridge
Purple Hairstreak - Usually reliable in the old Nunnery car park by the B3114; climb to the top of the gravel pile at the far end and look on the ash trees
Lunar Hornet Moth - Difficult to find, but check the base of sallows in the morning and you may catch one of these impressive wasp-mimics after they hatch out from inside the tree trunk!

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