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A respectable 31 species on the list.

Thymelicus sylvestrisSmall SkipperCommon
Thymelicus lineolaEssex SkipperTwo records - more fieldwork should reveal it in small numbers
Ochlodes venataLarge SkipperSmall numbers all around the lake
Colias croceusClouded YellowOnes and twos during influxes - never frequent
Gonepteryx rhamnaBrimstoneInfrequently seen - thought to breed here but proof is lacking
Pieris brassicaeLarge WhiteCommon
Pieris rapaeSmall WhiteCommon
Pieris napiGreen-veined WhiteCommon
Anthocharis cardaminesOrange-tipSmall numbers here and there
Callophrys rubiGreen HairstreakOne record - two behind the sailing club in 1995
Quercusia quercusPurple HairstreakLocally common on the Parkland
Strymonidia w-albumWhite-letter HairstreakSmall colonies found in the 90s on the Bittern Trail and Wick Green, and singles elsewhere in June 06 and July 10
Lycaena phlaeasSmall CopperFairly common all around the lake
Aricia agestisBrown ArgusOccasional insects found here and there
Polyommatus icarusCommon BlueFairly common
Celastrina argiolusHolly BlueOccasionally seen around the lake - subject to annual fluctuations
Vanessa atlantaRed AdmiralFairly common - numbers augmented by migrants
Cynthia carduiPainted LadyNumbers vary with influxes - common some summers, absent in others
Aglais urticaeSmall TortoiseshellFairly common - influxes have been noted
Inachis ioPeacockFairly common
Polygonia c-albumCommaFairly common
Boloria euphrosynePearl-bordered FritillaryOne record on the Grebe trail in 1996
Argynnis paphiaSilver-washed FritillarySingle valezina female(s) in August 2000, then a handful of records since
Euphydryas auriniaMarsh FritillaryOne seen at Herriott's Bridge in May 2011
Pararge aegriaSpeckled WoodCommon
Lasiommata megeraWallRare - very few recent records
Melanargia galatheaMarbled WhiteCommon
Pyronia tithonusGatekeeperCommon
Maniola jurtinaMeadow BrownVery common
Coenonympha pamphilusSmall HeathVery infrequent nowadays - few, if any recent records
Aphantopus hyperantusRingletFairly common

Additionally, there is a record in the 1966 Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists' Society of Adonis Blue Polyommatus bellargus. The record states 'Chew Valley Lake - few pairs' on 3rd September 1966. Given that there are no other records of this species at Chew, and that the foodplant (Horseshoe Vetch) has never been recorded here, this must call in to question the validity of a record stating that a few pairs were present.