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Twenty one species of dragonfly and damselfly have been recordred at Chew, which isn't bad, considering that the lake doesn't support any real specialities, and even one or two species which might be expected to occur (both residents and migrants) are missing from the list.

It seems that the next addition could just as likely be a continental species as one which has wandered a few miles from the Mendips or Somerset levels. Species which breed within a short distance include Common Hawker, Black Darter, Downy Emerald, Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Keeled Skimmer, Hairy Dragonfly and White-legged Damselfly. The last species is probably favourite to be the next to go on the list as it occurs on the River Chew at Chew Magna; there have been unsubstantiated claims.

In the third column, B indicates that the species breeds every year, and b indicates irregular or possible breeding.

Calopteryx virgoBeautiful DemoiselleBOccasional individuals here and there - breeds in the River Chew south of Herriott's Pool
Calopteryx splendensBanded DemoiselleBA few records around the lake - breeds on the Chew north of the main dam
Lestes sponsaEmerald DamselflyBFairly common, less frequent than in the past
Phyrrosoma nymphulaLarge Red DamselflyBSurprisingly scarce - seems to be quite localised and difficult to find
Erythromma najasRed-eyed DamselflybOne old record from Hollow Brook, but then an influx in 2010
Coenagrion puellaAzure DamselflyBCommon all around the lake
Enallagma cyathigerumCommon Blue DamselflyBCommon
Ischnura elegansBlue-tailed DamselflyBCommon
Aeshna mixtaMigrant HawkerBCommon in August and September
Aeshna cyaneaSouthern HawkerBFairly common, though less numerous than mixta
Aeshna grandisBrown HawkerRare - very few records
Anax imperatorEmperorBCommon - favours sheltered bays and pools
Anax parthenopeLesser EmperorbFirst recorded in July 2006 - at least three at Stratford, including a pair ovipositing
Libellula quadrimaculataFour-spotted ChaserBSmall numbers in a few pools around the lake, but was rare before 2000
Libellula fulvaScarce ChaserTwo records (Grebe Trail and River Chew by the Pumping Station)
Libellula depressaBroad-bodied ChaserBFairly common on suitable pools around the lake
Orthetrum cancellatumBlack-tailed SkimmerBCommon
Sympetrum striolatumCommon DarterBCommon
Sympetrum fonscolombeiRed-veined DarterOne at Nunnery Point in June 2009
Sympetrum flaveolumYellow-winged DarterOne in August 1994, then seven together in the 1995 influx
Sympetrum sanguineumRuddy DarterBFairly common - formerly thousands during peak emergence, but smaller numbers in recent years