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This page brings you the latest bird and wildlife sightings from Chew Valley Lake (and occasionally elsewhere). Every effort is made to keep the information on this page accurate, but it's quite possible that the odd stringy record slips in every now and then.

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February 2004
The adult Kumlien's Gull was seen again tonight; as yesterday, it was in the roost between Nunnery Point and Sutton Wick. Two adult Mediterranean Gulls were also present. Otherwise, the only noteworthy birds were the European White-fronted Goose and Bar-headed Goose on the Parkland, and the Egyptian Goose at No.1 Picnic Site.
Bird of the day was undoubtedly an adult Kumlien's Gull in the roost off Nunnery Point this afternoon - this is the third winter running that this race has been seen at Chew. Also at Nunnery Point was a hunting Barn Owl; the two Ravens were also still in evidence there. Both the Egyptian Goose and the Bar-headed Goose were still present around Woodford Bank this afternoon. The Bittern was reported at Herriott's again this evening.
Egyptian Goose
Copyright Rich Andrews
     Egyptian Goose  28th February 2004
Kumlien's Gull
Copyright Rich Andrews
     Kumlien's Gull (far left)  28th February 2004
A Bittern was again seen in flight over Herriott's Pool this afternoon.
A pair of Smew were seen off Herriott's Bridge (no sign of either of the Ferruginous Ducks); at Stratford Bay, a Water Pipit was on the now tiny island just in front of the hide, and a Water Rail was seen beneath the bird feeders.
Just one piece of news today - a pair of Ferruginous Ducks was seen on Herriott's Pool this afternoon before flying onto the main lake.
Another day of biting north-easterlies, and little change in the birds recorded. Four Smew, the female Mandarin and a drake Tufted Duck x Pochard were seen, with two Water Pipits, two Mediterranean Gulls, and the pair of Ravens at Nunnery Point again just before dusk. There's been no sign of the White-fronted Goose with the Canada Geese this weekend (it's at Blagdon).

The cut maize field behind Moreton hide is worth a look at the moment - this afternoon there were at least 200 Fieldfares and Redwings, with smaller numbers of Stock Doves, Chaffinches, Lapwing and Snipe.
A Bittern was seen from Herriott's Bridge this morning; otherwise, wildfowl provided the main interest today - as well as the three Smew off Herriott's Bridge, there were 14 Pintail and the Bar-headed Goose on Herriott's Pool, and the female Mandarin has reappeared at Picnic Site No.1. Two Ravens were disturbed from Nunnery copse late this afternoon.
Three Smew (two redheads at Herriott's and a first-winter male at Hollow Brook) and a second-winter Mediterranean Gull were the highlights, although there was a possible sighting of a female Ferruginous Duck off Sutton Wick this morning, then later on Herriott's Pool.
Two Little Egrets were in Villice Bay today, and a Green Sandpiper was on Herriott's Pool. A Bar-headed Goose has appeared with the Canada Geese at Woodford Lodge.
Three Mediterranean Gulls tonight - two adults and a second-winter, plus a Smew in Heron's Green Bay.
Five Mediterranean Gulls (a first-winter and four adults) were off Herriott's Bridge this afternoon, as were a Smew and the reappearing Egyptian Goose.
A redhead Smew was in Stratford Bay this afternoon. Otherwise, birding highlight was another huge Common Gull roost on the south end of the lake - notable tonight were three Mediterranean Gulls (two adults and a second-winter) and an adult Ring-billed Gull.
Common Gulls
Copyright Rich Andrews
     Common Gulls  14th February 2004
SEVERNSIDE: An adult Spoonbill at Northwick Warth this morning continued the good run of form for the 'patch'.
More of the same today; two Mediterranean Gulls (adult and first-winter), three Ravens, and the Barn Owl again in Villice Bay.
Three adult Mediterranean Gulls were in Stratford Bay this afternoon; this is the peak time of year for this species at Chew - in good years several can be found most nights in the main roost, given suitable viewing conditions.
A second-winter Mediterranean Gull in Heron's Green Bay was the only bird reported today.
At Herriott's this afternoon, an adult Mediterranean Gull, four Ravens and a redhead Smew.
Hot on the heels of Januarys bird, two Avocets were a surprise find at Herriott's End this morning.
An adult Ring-billed Gull was seen in Heron's Green Bay at 15:00 this afternoon - a typical record of this species at Chew.

Another micro-moth went on the list this afternoon - the cases of Coleophora argentula were easily found on the old seed-heads of yarrow (Achillea millefolium) this afternoon.
The Barn Owl was seen twice during the daytime in Villice Bay, where the White-fronted Goose also remained. Water Pipit(s) were seen in Stratford Bay and the maize field behind Moreton hide. A first-winter Mediterranean Gull was in the Nunnery Point roost this afternoon, and four Lesser Redpolls were seen along the Bittern Trail.
The adult White-fronted Goose was still present with the Canada Goose flock. Other birds included two redhead Smew and a Peregrine.
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