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This page brings you the latest bird and wildlife sightings from Chew Valley Lake (and occasionally elsewhere). Every effort is made to keep the information on this page accurate, but it's quite possible that the odd stringy record slips in every now and then.

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May 2004
A female Red-crested Pochard appeared on Herriott's Pool this morning - perhaps the bird which appeared on June 7th last year? A Common Tern was the only other bird of note.
Highlight today was a Red Kite - it flew east over the lake at 10:30 this morning, and was lost to view over Bishop Sutton. Other birds included the Ringed Plover and Common Sandpiper still.
A Spotted Flycatcher and two Cuckoos were at Hollow Brook, and a Ringed Plover has joined the Common Sandpiperon the main dam.
The only news today was of a Common Sandpiper on the main dam.
A single drake Garganey remained on Herriott's Pool.
There are still drake Garganey on Herriott's Pool and Heron's Green Pool, and two Dunlin on the embankment at Heron's Green Bay.
At least one drake Garganey is still on Herriott's Pool, with one mobile Dunlin around the lake.
Still two drake Garganey on Herriott's Pool, and single Ringed Plover, Dunlin, and Common Sandpiper on the dam.
An Osprey flew over the lake today, heading towards Litton, and there are now four drake Garganey on Herriott's Pool - they favour the area to the west side of the pool amongst the green algae; this is the highest spring count since 1992. The only other news was of a Dunlin on the causeway at Heron's Green Bay and a Common Sandpiper at the spillway on the main dam.

At least 30 Small Coppers and one male Common Blue were flying on the Parkland today.
The three drake Garganey were all on Herriott's Pool at lunchtime today, as was a summer-plumage male Ruff; an unusual sight at Chew. One of the Turnstones was reported as being still present on the main dam this morning.

The sunny weather today was good for some early day-flying lepidoptera; there were hundreds of Glyphipterix fuscoviridella on the Parkland and at Villice Bay, whilst the buttercup-munching Micropterix calthella has also now emerged in the same area.
Micropterix calthella
Copyright Rich Andrews
Micropterix calthella 15th May 2004
An unexpected occurrence was two Turnstones at Woodford Bank today. Meanwhile, drake Garganey were at Heron's Green Pool and Herriott's Pool, a Common Sandpiper was on the main dam, and two Common Terns were on the main lake.

Garganey Anas querquedula
Copyright Rich Andrews
drake Garganey - Herriott's Pool, 15th May 2004
Drake Garganey were at Nunnery Point, Heron's Green Pool and Herriott's Pool today. The Common Tern was still over the main lake, and the drake Canvasback x Pochard has reappeared on Herriott's Pool. If previous springs are anything to go by, the appearance of a drake Ring-necked Duck any time soon would not be too surprising. The Yellow-legged Gull is still at Woodford pontoons.

SEVERNSIDE: The run continues....the first patch record of Temminck's Stint happened at Severn Beach this afternoon.
A drake Garganey was again on Herriott's Pool today, with a Common Tern on the main lake.

SEVERNSIDE: The purple patch continues with a female Kentish Plover at the Severn Beach wader roost this afternoon.
A pair of Wigeon were at Moreton, and three drake Garganey were in Villice Bay.
A drake Garganey was on Herriott's Pool this lunchtime.
A quiet day - hardly enlivened by the discovery of a new micro-moth for the lake (and probably Avon) - Ectoedemia minimella.
Wind and rain this afternoon produced the expected masses of Swifts, with smaller numbers of House Martins and a few Swallows around the lake. A Dunlin and two Common Sandpipers on the main dam and a Hobby over Burledge Hill were the other highlights, and the Yellow-legged Gull still soldiers on at Woodford Bank.
SEVERNSIDE: Nowhere near Chew, but noteworthy nonetheless was a total of 36 Pomarine Skuas off Severn Beach today (including 28 together this evening). To put this in perspective, the previous highest Avon count of Poms was 15, which in itself was exceptional at the time. An adult Sabine's Gull there this evening was also a remarkable record.
A quiet day - best birds were single Common Tern and Hobby at Nunnery Point. Nearby, two Ravens were over Villice and a Peregrine was seen over the Parkland. Good numbers of Swifts (1000+), included the returning partial albino bird first seen several years ago. Remarkably, it was also seen for the first time last year on 3rd May. Meanwhile, the injured (and probably now flightless) Yellow-legged Gull was still wandering about on Woodford Bank, and the tame Barwit at Picnic Site No.1 has been replaced by a female Mandarin.
A surprise find this evening was a Turnstone on Herriott's Pool - a really tricky bird to catch up with at Chew. A Dunlin at Heron's Green Bay and a Hobby at Herriott's were the only other birds of note.

SEVERNSIDE: Surprise of the year so far...a female Subalpine Warbler was seen briefly this morning at Severn Beach, in scrub on the old tip, before being flushed by a Whitethroat. Unfortunately further attempts to locate it proved fruitless. An Avon first!
Highlight of the day was the first Osprey of the year (Moreton at 12:30). On the main lake were four Common Terns, a first-winter Little Gull and a drake Wigeon, whilst at No.1 Picnic Site, the tame Bar-tailed Godwit was still amongst the Mallards for at least part of the day, and two Hobbies flew over the dam.
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