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This page brings you the latest bird and wildlife sightings from Chew Valley Lake (and occasionally elsewhere). Most updates will be on a weekly basis, although they will probably be more frequent at busy times. Records are taken from various sources and should be regarded as unconfirmed.
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February 2005
Still at least eight Barnacle Geese and the Red-breasted Goose on the Parkland, whilst the gull roost this afternoon produced an adult summer Iceland Gull and two adult Mediterranean Gulls.
Three Greater Scaup (two drakes), three Water Pipits and eight Pintail were seen today, and a few extra eyes this afternoon managed up to five adult Mediterranean Gulls off Nunnery Point, also a Chiffchaff in the wood there.
Just two adult Mediterranean Gulls in the roost this afternoon. There ought to be a Ring-billed in there at some point in the next few weeks!!
The gull roost tonight contained one adult Yellow-legged Gull and four (three adult and one second-winter) Mediterranean Gulls.
Three adult Mediterranean Gulls were in the roost from Nunnery Point this afternoon.
Three Mediterranean Gulls tonight - two adults and a second-winter.
Four Mediterranean Gulls were in the roost this evening (three adults and a second-winter).
There were two Mediterranean Gulls again at Herriott's/Stratford Bay, one of which was one of yesterday's birds - true to form there seems to be an increase in sightings now that spring passage is beginning. A Peregrine was in Heron's Green Bay, a Water Pipit was at Stratford hide, and two first-winter Greater Scaup were in Heron's Green Bay (in the 'toe' at the southern end).
Two Mediterranean Gulls again this lunchtime. Also today were three Greater Scaup in Heron's Green Bay, the Red-breasted Goose near Nunnery Point, and two Water Pipits at Stratford hide.
Still four Greater Scaup - a pair each at Villice and Moreton, a Dunlin in Stratford Bay, a Green Sandpiper in front of Moreton hide, and two adult Mediterranean Gulls in the roost this evening.
The Bittern was seen in flight at Herriott's Pool at 17:07, whilst Stratford hide produced one Green Sandpiper and twelve Water Pipits.
Thornbury: Four by the A38 at Whitfield this morning, near the Eastwood Park garden centre entrance.
Downend: Still 87 today again around the cricket pitch.
St. Werburghs: Now up to 35 at the junction of Ashley Parade and York Street at 13:30.
Clifton: The two birds still in Canynge Road at the corner with Percival Road.
Bath: 25 briefly on the University Campus at 15:30 before flying off north.
The Bittern was seen in flight over Herriott's Pool at 17:30.

Downend: 150 still around the cricket pitch - showing well when they are on the trees at the top end of the field.
St. Werburghs: 20-25 in rowans at the junction of Ashley Parade and York Street at 12:00.
Longwell Green: 12 in Lacock Drive at 11:00.
Clifton: Two in Canynge Road still.
In perfect flat-calm conditions, the gull roost from Nunnery Point this afternoon produced the expected two or three Mediterranean Gulls, plus an adult Kumlien's Gull. Two Ravens flew south over Heron's Green Bay.

Downend: 145 again by the cricket pitch - they feed in trees at the far corner (the other end from the pavilion).
Ashley Down: 80 at Ashley Hill near Narroways Millennium Green for ten minutes at 14:30.
Clifton: Two in Canynge Road at lunchtime.
Still four Greater Scaup in Villice Bay, along with a single Dunlin. Stratford hide produced four Water Pipits, at least three Linnets and eight Pintail.

Cadbury Heath: 122 at Parkwall Primary in Earlstone Crescent until 11:30 when they flew off.
Downend: 120 again by the cricket pitch at 14:00. Quite possibly the Cadbury Heath birds?
Bishopston: 15 at the junction of Beachamp Road and Cornwall Road this morning.
Bedminster: One in Catherine Mead Street this morning.
Hides reportedly shut today as Ruddy Ducks are being shot from boats.

Thornbury: Six in Morton Way this morning.
Downend: 78 in a tree behind the florist opposite the cricket pitch on the corner of Chestnut Road at 13:45 at least.
Cadbury Heath: Still 44 at Parkwall Primary in Earlstone Crescent at 11:30.
Bedminster: Three in Lombard Street behind Argos this afternoon.
The drake Smew was seen again today at Herriott's End.

Thornbury: 22 again in Morton Way.
Cadbury Heath: 87 on Earlstone Crescent again.
Thornbury: 22 this morning in Morton Way.
Mangotsfield: 21 in Northcote Road at 10:30.
Longwell Green/Warmley/Cadbury Heath: There were at least 80 at Parkwall Primary School in Earlstone Crescent at 14:30, but only nine at Lacock Drive at 14:20, and c.35 along Tower Road.
Downend: At least 38 in the trees between Hawthorn Road and Downend Road, but flew off at 13:20, then 60 opposite the BT building on Chestnut Road.
A quiet day - birds seen around the lake were 14 Pintail at Herriott's, one Green Sandpiper, three Water Pipits and one Chiffchaff at Stratford, and a very respectable 85 Snipe.

Mangotsfield: 128 at Rodway School at 10:15, with other observers saying that no birds are present when they visited today. Evidently the flock disperses around Mangotsfield with birds also at Northcote Road (up to 81), Mangotsfield Road by the mini roundabout and shops (four), the churchyard (four), Rodway Road (two), Mangotsfield Green (50 mid-afternoon).
Downend: 60 reported on Chestnut Road, off Downend Road this afternoon.
Longwell Green: Up to 101 in Lacock Drive at 14:15 (birds arriving as only up to 44 at 13:10).
Clevedon: A "small flock" reported in the Dial Hill area.
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