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This page brings you the latest bird and wildlife sightings from Chew Valley Lake (and occasionally elsewhere). Most updates will be on a weekly basis, although they will probably be more frequent at busy times. Records are taken from various sources and should be regarded as unconfirmed.
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January 2005
Thornbury: 23 this morning in Morton Way.
Horfield: 35 still at Golden Hill this morning on Kellaway Avenue, opposite Dereham Close.
Mangotsfield: At least 130 at 10:00 this morning outside Mangotsfield (Rodway) School; apparently these were first seen late on Friday 28th. Nearby at 13:00, four in trees on Mangotsfield Road near the junction with Chestnut Court.
Longwell Green: 50 in Craven Way, and four on Marsham Way this morning.
Warmley: 15 in trees at the corner of Cadbury Heath Road and Newton Road.
Weston-super-Mare: Three in trees at the south-east corner of the crematorium from Ebdon Road.
An adult Iceland Gull was the highlight today - in the roost from Woodford Lodge late this afternoon. An adult Mediterranean Gull was in Stratford Bay, the female Red-breasted Merganser was on the shore in front of Moreton hide, three Greater Scaup were still in Villice Bay, and the Red-breasted Goose was off the main dam with nine Barnacle Geese (a tenth Barnacle Goose was in Villice Bay). A pair of Stonechats was on Moreton Bank, and two small flocks of Meadow Pipits were at Woodford Lodge (14) and north over Moreton Bank (12).

Thornbury: Still eleven on Morton Way this morning.
Westbury-on-Trym: 21 off Eastfield Road at the junction of Clover Ground and Vintery Leys briefly this morning (but flew off).
Horfield: Ten on Kellaway Avenue, near Tescos this afternoon.
Mangotsfield: 135 opposite Mangotsfield School this afternoon.
Longwell Green: c.40 again in Lacock Drive this afternoon.
Stowey: c.24 at the A368 crossroads briefly this morning.
Winscombe: Four seen today (no other details).
Weston-super-Mare: Two in Cornwallis Avenue at 15:18.
The Bittern was seen in flight on Herriott's Pool at 13:50 - also three Greater Scaup were still present in Villice Bay.

Thornbury: Still eleven this afternoon, although they've moved into Bockingham Close.
Chelwood Bridge: Only just down the road from Chew, 16 were found this afternoon at the junction of the A37 and A368.
Nailsea: One this afternoon opposite St Francis of Assisi Church.
Weston-super-Mare: One at Ebdon Road by the crematorium at 13:00.
WAXWINGS: Negative reports from some of this weeks sites - it seems that a lot of our birds have now dispersed:
Weston-super-Mare: 20 on Ebdon Road, near the crematorium.
A drake Smew was reported just north of Herriott's Bridge. This would be the first record of this species this winter, which was rapidly becoming the first Smew-less winter for over 30 years!

Thornbury: Still 18 at Morton Way his morning.
Fishponds: 20 still mid-morning at the junction of Fishponds Road and Elmgrove Road, but very mobile.
Warmley: 40 in the car park of the King William pub at the junction of Tower Road and Cadbury Heath Road.
Longwell Green: 39 on Lacock Drive this afternoon (off Craven Way, near Asda).
Bath: "Small numbers" still near Sidney Gardens early afternoon.
Weston-super-Mare: Nine briefly at Cornwallis Avenue, Worle this afternoon.
Thornbury: At Morton Way, still 14 present today.
Hanham: Two from 10:00 to 10:40 at the Memorial Road end of Whittuck's Road again.
Longwell Green: 43 on Lacock Drive this afternoon.
Warmley: Eight in the car park of the King William pub.
Fishponds: Up to 54 at the junction of Fishponds Road and Elmgrove Road throughout the day, although can be absent for periods.
Lawrence Weston: 31 in Barrowmead Drive today
Weston-super-Mare: 20-plus at Hollow Lane, and five at Cornwallis Avenue.
Bath: 36 still in Sidney Gardens by the bowling club.
Thornbury: At Morton Way, 15 at 09:30, then 26 at 14:00 and then 53 at 16:15.
Eastville: c.35 in Lower Ashley Road briefly this afternoon.
Fishponds: 45 reported this afternoon at the junction of Fishponds Road and Elmgrove Road.
Hanham: Five this afternoon at the Memorial Road end of Whittuck's Road.
Lawrence Weston: 28 in Barrowmead Drive this afternoon.
Bath: 24 on the A36 near Sidney Gardens.
Weston-super-Mare: Two at Bridgwater Court, west of Winterstoke Road, and two in Oldmixon Crescent.
Thornbury: Three on Morton Way.
Lawrence Weston: 22 in Barrowmead Drive this morning
Easton/St. Phillips: 21 near White Street, off Pennywell Rd at 10.30, and c.200 at the junction of St Philips St with Midland Road at 12.45 for ten minutes only. Still 28 at Goodhind Street on telephone wires 14.15.
Bishopston: 31 feeding in a back garden in Nottingham Road this morning.
Keynsham: c.50 at the Manor Road Community Woodland, plus 15 reported in Charlton Park early this morning.
Warmley: Ten on the corner of Tower Road/Cadbury Heath Road next to the King William Pub at 16:00.
Hick's Gate: 30-40 seen in flight near the A4 roundabout at 09.15, heading towards Brislington.
The adult Red-breasted Goose was still at Woodford Lodge with nine Barnacle Geese, and a Chiffchaff was in bushes between the Lodge and the Sailing Club. A Peregrine was over Herriott's Bridge this afternoon.

A38 between Falfield and Whitfield: Eight this morning
Thornbury: Two on the Link Road
Portishead: 21 at the Co-op car park, and seven in Merlin Park
Easton: Still a huge flock in Goodhind Road today, only this time much more confiding, and have virtually stripped all the berries from their favoured trees. A count from a photograph revealed a total of 377 birds this morning. More pics to follow!
Keynsham: c.50 were in the Minsmere Road/Deveron Grove area this morning, plus one in the Manor Road Community Woodland.
Peasedown St. John: 15 this afternoon by the Red Post Inn.
Bath: 17 in Upper Bristol Road opposite Hinton Vauxhall.
Flax Bourton: Three, no other details.
Weston-super-Mare: Still three at Cornwallis Avenue, one at Carre Avenue, one in Wigmore Gardens, eleven in The Scaurs and ten in flight over St Marks church (per Brean and Weston Birds)
Three Greater Scaup were still in Villice Bay, and an unusually high number of 71 Snipe were counted, with the majority (60) on Heron's Green Pool. An adult Mediterranean Gull was in Villice Bay.

WAXWINGS: Remarkably, over 650 birds were reported in Avon today as follows:
Eastville/Easton: The flock remains - 211 were present at lunchtime, but were then joined by an additional 300 birds this afternoon!
Brandon Hill: One this morning only
Lawrence Weston: Four were at Barrowmead Drive again
Bromley Heath: 22 were at Bromley Heath Road/Quakers Road this afternoon (by the A4174 Ring Road junction)
Bath: Four at Newbridge by the Red House between the A431 and the A4 Bath road.
Long Ashton: 30 were reported at Ryecroft Rise at midday
Weston-super-Mare: c.50 along The Queensway, then on Cornwallis Avenue
Whitchurch: c.40 flew over Highdale Close this afternoon. Four were relocated briefly in Allerton Road, but unfortunately there was no further sign. A garden tick for your webmaster, though!
WAXWINGS: To update the Tuesday news, the flock in Eastville had grown to c.150 by yesterday, and c.200 today, with the flock commuting between Goodhind Road (off Pennywell Road) and Lower Ashley Road. There were also up to c.50 on Brandon Hill and up to 15 at Barrowmead Drive, Lawrence Weston. Other birds have been seen at Nailsea (c.25), Long Ashton (7) and Portishead (47)
BRISTOL: At last! The first decent-sized flock of Waxwings in the county for donkey's years was found in Eastville today - 44 of them were in trees along Warwick Road this afternoon by the school.
A good record of two Avocets in front of Stratford hide this afternoon - note that there were also two (plus a single) last year in January/February. Also present were single Green Sandpiper, eight Water Pipits and 30-plus Snipe.
Two Bitterns were at Herriott's Pool again this afternoon, the last of which was seen at 16:55.
The Red-breasted Goose was back in Villice Bay with eleven Barnacle Geese today. No sign of the Anas hybrid, but the four Greater Scaup were still present there. A first-winter Mediterranean Gull was at Herriott's this afternoon.
A brief Red-breasted Goose was in Villice Bay today before departing towards Blagdon, and the presumed Cinnamon Teal x Shoveler was again present. There are now four Greater Scaup (including a new first-winter male) in Villice. At Herriott's Bridge this evening a Bittern was seen briefly in flight at 16:47, and then another arrived high from the direction of Herriott's End at 16:55.
The 'Cinnamon Teal' hybrid was in Villice Bay again today, along with a female Greater Scaup.
True to form, no sign of the Great Northern Diver today, but ten Water Pipits and a respectable 47 Snipe were in front of Stratford hide.
A surprise find this afternoon was a Great Northern Diver off Moreton hide. Although divers are expected most winters at nearby Cheddar Reservoir, at Chew they are infrequent and barely annual. Those that do appear are often only one-day birds. Perhaps this one had arrived as a result of the gales yesterday? Two Bitterns were seen in flight on Herriott's Pool at 15:35. A peculiar female Anas in Villice Bay this afternoon was thought to be a Cinnamon Teal x Shoveler. Also there were the three Greater Scaup and the Tufted Duck x Greater Scaup. The Red-breasted Merganser and a Peregrine were also seen.
At least six Water Pipits and a Peregrine were in front of Stratford hide this afternoon, along with a Black-headed Gull which was pure white with black wingtips. A first-winter Mediterranean Gull was on Moreton Point late in the afternoon, and three Greater Scaups were still in Villice Bay.
The three Greater Scaup were still in Villice Bay today, showing well in front of the hide, with a pair of Stonechats nearby. There were six or seven Water Pipits and a Green Sandpiper at Stratford hide, with a Little Owl and a Chiffchaff along Moreton Lane.
A Bittern was again seen in flight on Herriott's Pool at 16:01. A Raven was also seen over Villice Bay - this seems to be quite a reliable place to bump into this species. A little over a decade ago Raven was an extreme rarity at CVL.
A Bittern was seen in flight on Herriott's Pool at 16:30.

CLEVEDON BAY: A Cattle Egret was found today at Kingston Seymour, near the Perfect Bite cafe.
Two Bitterns are still present at Herriott's Pool; one was seen in flight at 16:10, with the other about ten minutes later. Two Mediterranean Gulls were reported from Stratford hide.

BRISTOL: There were eight Waxwings seen twice today in Barrowmead Drive, Lawrence Weston. On both occasions they were only seen for a period of minutes before flying off (and no sign at all after about 12:20).
The Bittern flew along the back of Herriott's Pool and landed in the SW corner at 16:10 this afternoon. An adult Mediterranean Gull or two was in the main roost this afternoon.

BRISTOL: Two Waxwings were seen late this afternoon in Barrowmead Drive, Lawrence Weston.
Water Pipit  Anthus spinoletta
Copyright John Martin
Water Pipit  Stratford Bay, December 2004
At Stratford today were five Water Pipits, one Redshank, ten Goosanders and the female/first-winter Red-breasted Merganser. A total of 23 Snipe was also noteworthy.
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