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In what is a poorly studied group at Chew, 33 species of mammal have been recorded at the lake, including ten species of bat.

List compiled by Wessex Ecological Consultancy.

Erinaceus europaeusHedgehogPresumably common
Talpa europaeusMoleMole hills common in grasslands and woodlands
Sorex araneusCommon ShrewOccasional - can be prominent along the track between Moreton and Stratford
Sorex minutusPygmy ShrewStatus uncertain - one found under timber, but probably more common
Neomys fodiensWater ShrewStatus uncertain - one seen inside Nunnery Hide
Rhinolophus hipposiderosLesser Horseshoe BatOne regularly used Sutton Wick hide as a nocturnal roost, then were five seen in Moreton hide in August 2010
Myotis brandtiBrandt's BatRare foraging records, one reported roosting in Moreton hide
Myotis nattereriNatterer's BatForaging records
Myotis daubentoniDaubenton's BatSometimes over Herriott’s Pool
Nyctalus noctulaNoctule BatRare foraging records
Nyctalus leisleriLeisler's BatRare foraging records
Pipistrellus pipistrellusCommon PipistrelleFairly common
Pipistrellus pygmaeusSoprano PipistrelleFairly common
Pipistrellus nathusiiNathusius' PipistrelleRegular
Plecotus auritusBrown Long-eared BatSometimes seen hunting around woods in the evening
Oryctolagus cuniculusRabbitCommon
Lepus europaeusBrown HareOnly seen very infrequently, usually in the Parkland/Heron's Green Pool area
Sciurus carolinensisGrey SquirrelCommon
Clethrionomys glareolusBank VoleMuch less frequent than Field Vole
Arvicola terrestrisWater VoleReported as seen in 1969 [Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists' Society]
Microtus agrestisField VoleCommon in grasslands, numbers fluctuate
Apodemus sylvaticusWood MouseCommon
Micromys minutusHarvest MouseSignificant colonies historically at the southern end of the lake, though not recorded recently
Mus domesticusHouse MouseRare around buildings
Rattus norvegicusCommon RatCommon
Vulpes vulpesRed FoxFairly common (especially in autumn) - a record of 15 seen at once in August 2005!
Mustela putoriusPolecatSeveral records recently of apparent Polecats, including two records of females with young
Mustela ermineaStoatRarely seen, but present
Mustela nivalisWeaselSeen more often than last the previous species
Mustela visonMinkWas common, now much less so, but more records in 2008, including a dead kitten found at Herriott's Bridge
Meles melesBadgerSeveral setts
Lutra lutraOtterBecame extinct, now very occasioanl sightings, with four together in winter 09/10
Capreolus capreolusRoe DeerCommon and regularly seen, increasing
Muntiacus reevesiMuntjacVery rare, but two seen on a few occasions in autumn 2009
Phocoena phocoenaHarbour PorpoiseOne, after storms